Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google Music Manager native Linux client install and review

To Google's credit they have quickly moved to a native Linux client with their beta Music Manager, The "google-musicmanager-beta-" was built on September 14 and made available on September 24 2011. The initial Music Manager was built on wine like some other notable Google products (like Picasa). The Linux version of the Music Manager is now native! And since there is no bundled wine the install size is a very modest 9.5MBish.

I am running this test on CentOS 6.0(CR). Other choices for downloads is available from HERE or by going to your "ADD MUSIC" option toward the top right of the screen after Google login. Google has downloads for Debian/Ubuntu and for Fedora/openSUSE in both 32bit and 64bit:
As root install your download. For my CentOS box I did:
yum install google-musicmanager-beta-

 You can run the program from the command line by just typing  at your GUI prompt:

To run the Linux Google Music Manager from the Gnome desktop, just select "Applications" -> "Internet" -> "Google Music Manager". You will be greeted with this start sequence:

Here is a screenshot of the "About" for this installed version:

Here is a screenshot of the Gnome panel view of the running Music Manager:

Firefox seems well supported for Google Music when you have Flash installed:

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