Saturday, October 22, 2011

CentOS 6.x updated wine-1.3.29 install howto

Stable is good! That's why I like the CentOS/SL/RHEL distrobutions. But sometimes you need to kick it up a notch and go more recent with specific packages. It might be an office suite update or a Xen update or even a PHP update; it doesn't matter, you just need some part that is, well, more recent. This time it's wine. And, instead of version wine-1.2 stable something, you get to most recent and kick-ass version 1.3 something. I can say that the wine-1.3 is much better at handling the oddities of running  the most recent Google Windows Picasa version. Let's face it, the Linux version 3.0 is OK, but WAYYYY dated. Besides, the face recognition is much better in Picasa 3.8. Enough fluff; down to business. Start off with some good information from the CentOS RPMForge link
and make sure to set up either priorities or ProtectBase. Get familiar with RPMForge/Repoforge. Then install it the important repository:
rpm -ihv

rpm -ihv
By the way, this wine upgrade also works with CentOS/SL/RHEL version 5.x. Just substitute "el5" for"el6" above.

Get rid of the old:
yum remove wine\*

In with the new:
yum install wine --disablerep=\* --enablerepo=rpmforge-testing

All done! Time to pay attention to the St. Louis Cardinals as they play for the World Series World Series against Texas ;)

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