Monday, May 21, 2012

Google Voice + Talkatone + iPhone/Android = Google VOIP phone

I had an older iPhone 3gs sitting around after upgrading to an (much better) Android handset a while back. The contract was over for the iPhone and was ultimately claimed by my son. He has been watching Youtube videos and playing games on the thing ever since. For some strange reason, I decided to check for SMS and VOIP options for it's WIFI connection. The generic search of "iphone 3gs VOIP" lead to many options. Most were not free or just not what I was thinking. At some point I stumbled onto the free Talkatone app with the promise of "Unlimited FREE calls, texts and picture sharing to Facebook and GTalk friends, or any phone number in US/Canada." Wow, what a statement. I am happy to say that from my point of view, they are correct.

The Getting Started section spells out the general procedure. It was actually easy. I had already setup a Google account for my son and just added the Google Voice upgrade. No big deal. With prerequisites done, the Talkatone install was easy. The combination just worked. My only marginal issue is the voice lag starts to get on the slightly noticeable side. Not a deal breaker noticeable mind you. And yes, I was able to call the iPhone from other phones just like they say.

I did try to setup a SIP account at an early stage of just playing with a couple of apps. Not very easy and did not work for me. So, having this combo made my geeky day. Besides, almost any time you can integrate with Google, you are going to be better off. It has so much of my digital life anyway.

Just so it's clear, Talkatone will work on both the iPhone from the App Store and Android handset from Google play.

This is not actually a thorough review or install howto. I just have some general praise for a geeky and fun product combination that works. The Talkatone peeps have done a great job!


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