Thursday, March 24, 2011

CentOS 5.x and Firefox 4.0 howto!

Don't be confused. I did not come up with this! I just want to spread the word as much as possible that one very enlightened fellow referenced as "rkl" at has made it possible for the rest of us to hit the "easy button" and get FireFox 4.0 working on CentOS 5.x (CentOS 5.5 at this time). HERE is the original link that I lucked upon while trying to google it on my own.

This is the a quote of the general (FF4beta version) steps if you are too lazy to click another link:
1. Unpack the Firefox 4.0b9.tar.bz2 somewhere (e.g. /usr/local/firefox). With the "en_GB" release, I throw in a "dictionaries" sub-dir under there with en-GB.aff and en-GB.dic in there (and en-US.aff/.dic soft-linked to the en-GB ones) otherwise, sadly, Firefox 4 uses US spellings on what's supposed to be an en_GB release :-(

2. Download this 32-bit Fedora 9 libstdc++ RPM and unpack it with this command:

rpm2cpio libstdc++-4.3.0-8.i386.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories

3. Move the unpacked shared library into /usr/local/firefox thus:

mv usr/lib/ /usr/local/firefox/

Note: It's "usr/lib/" above (i.e. the unpacked tree from the RPM, not the system /usr/lib tree) - do NOT put a leading slash there!

4. Run Firefox 4.0b9 with:


rkl references the beta version, but all steps still apply for official release.

I will say that FF4 is very nice! I am very impressed with what I have seen so far!

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  1. FF4 is really amazing. Long waiting foreign font based sites are now working right of the bet. I installed FF4 on ubuntu 10.10.